© Benoit Do Quang

 © Benoit Do Quang

Alexandre de Terwangne - Photographer & Content Creator

Offices: La jungle. Rue Guillaume Tell 59b Saint-Gilles - Belgium

Genuine Photography

If the human eye scans the reality with all its detail, the brain makes choices in all this information. It fixes the elements that hold the attention of the viewer according to his sensitivity, leaving behind what's secondary.

In my photos I try to avoid a cold and objective rendering of reality that would appear too flat in my opinion. This is why I usually play with short depth of field. I focus on the eye, an expression, a detail, blurring away the rest of the scene. This makes it possible to highlight a certain atmosphere, to create depth, play with light and to gasp with more intensity the emotions drawn on each face, in the attitudes, in the gesture of a hand...

Any wishes, inquiries, collaboration ideas, thoughts or questions? I would be happy to hear about them!